Only Quality Counts...

Quality in the region

Our winery is located in Apetlon, in the heart of the National Park Lake Neusiedl. The special micro climate of this region provides optimal conditions for full bodied red, fruity white and elegante sweet wines. Therefor, the production of the PMC Winery is determined by 50% red, 25% sweet and 25% white.


Quality of viniculture

Rigorous leaf work, thinning and selective harvest paired with subnatural cultivation enable to create wines typical for the grape variety and formed by the terroir.


Quality of single vineyards

Wines from our most important single vineyard  “Neubruch” are even more complex: NEUBRUCH Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Zweigelt rank among the best of the country.


Quality in the cellar

Gentle and neat workmanship, strength control, cold maceration and long mash fermentation are a must in the winery. The top products of the company age up to 18 month in 225 liter French barriques.


Quality of ageing

Our new winery enables optimal ageing. In the air-conditioned barrique cellar we have perfect conditions for our wines to develop their complete potential.

Bottleageing is also important for us:

This also ensures the temperature-controlled storage.


Because of complex Leafwork, the Leafwall in the Grapezone is made as free, that on the one hand the airing in the grapezone is guarateed for perfect ripeness, on the other hand to get no harm from direct sunbeam.

Grapes, which do not correspond to our qualitycriterion are removed immediatly during the year, that all power and energy of the vine can flow only into the bestquality Grapes.

Due to the greenery in all our vinyards, we harvest small grapes with intense flavour.


The grapes are controlled and selected at harvesting. Afterwards they are desteamed, crushed and vinificated promptly.

White wines are pressed afer macerating of 8 to 12 hours on the maish and fermented with temperatures between 18° and 22 ° Celsius.

Red wines are fermented on the maish  for 2 - 4 weeks between 25 ° and 30 ° Celsius.
The temperature and fermenting curve is controlled 2 times a day. The pressing is made pneumaticly by a lowerpressuresystem with max. 1.5 bar.

The Topproducts of the company age up to 18 months in 228 and 500 liter barriques, which are exclusively made from European Oak and produced in France.